The strong, unique investment opportunity you’ve been searching for

Allow your money to work for you with an investment in an exclusive, luxury resort located in one of the world’s most attractive areas for high imminent growth.

An investment in Amber Kampot is an exclusive opportunity to earn passive income in a growing market, through a property project with an expected financial annual return of 20-25%*.

*Annual return of income share currently approximated at 8.1% with annualized capital gain upon resort exit of 12-17%.


An investment in the Amber Kampot luxury resort offers an exciting, exclusive chance for investors to put their hard-earned money to work, without the additional time and effort. In return for their investment, our investors can expect:

  • An expected annual return of 8.1%

  • Annualized capital gain of 12-17% upon resort exit

  • Buyback options in event of exit opportunity (after 5+ years of operation)

  • A private estate by leasehold for 99 years (or until exit)

  • Eight days of free stay per year at Amber Kampot in one of our pool villas or pool suites (a $2,000 value)

Kampot is one of Asia’s fastest growing hot spots of tourism activity, expected to bring in 1.9 million tourists and $13 million in international tourism receipts in 2019 alone.
- Tourism Cambodia

The amber international group is driven to deliver luxurious travel experiences in lost destinations.

Through exclusive investment opportunities, we combine a passion for exploration and decades of cross-disciplinary expertise to generate strong returns for our investors.

In addition to attractive financial returns, property investments in our Amber Kampot resort offer the unique chance to gain privileged access to one of the most spectacular corners of the planet. It is the ideal opportunity for investors in search of rare opportunities that combine sound financial success with a promise of excitement, adventure and luxury.

Kampot remains severely underserved in terms of high-end, luxury resorts, with only 55 luxury rooms currently available to meet a demand of 200+ rooms.
- As of December 2018. Luxury rooms defined as accomodation costing US$150+ per night

About Amber Kampot

Amber Kampot is the meeting space of relaxation and adventure. It’s where your dreams and daring spirit come alive within an environment of luxurious details, modern design and attentive service.

Our Kampot resort is proud to deliver outstanding amenities in a peaceful, breathtaking setting. Unwind atop a terrace overlooking the tranquil Preaek Tuek Chhu River, surrounded by all the comforts you expect of five-star travel.

The inspiring, exclusive investment opportunity
you’ve been looking for, with the promise of the returns you expect.